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From over 20 years, H&S Qualità nel software stands as a leader in research and development of software and services in high-tech environments. founded in Piacenza in 1989 by a group of committed professionals with backgrounds in highly qualified spheres of Information Technology, nowadays the company offers to its customers a complete partnership based on competence, flexibility and commitment.

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H&S Qualità nel software is committed to help its Customers to fully accomplish their goals, providing innovative and technologically advanced products and solutions.

After years of experience and many achievements in a highly competitive market, H&S Qualità nel Software has perfected its know-how and provides its Customers with the best solutions to reach their goals.

The best results are obtained by involving the members of the staff - which number is increasing steadily – in setting the global objectives of the company; this can be achieved through teamwork, training, information and mutual trust. It is thanks to this approach that H&S Qualità nel Software and its staff has managed to grow fast and establish exceptional and durable relationships with its Customers

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