iFeel is a complete line of totem that allow a strong interaction with user with touch screen technologies, management of multimedia applications, access to information, content management and proximity marketing.

iFeelcan stand anywhere thanks to the innovative design of its lines. The vertical screen allows an easy interaction between user and machine: only a touch to have access to additional features of browsing, throw news, information and promotions.

Metal case, available display from 20” to 42” for different models, personalized logo. It guarantees high reliability and quality of the hardware and software components.

It is equipped of Bluetooth and wifi connections. H&S has realized a complete solution developing a proper SW platform: DSID software allows the totem management, content downloading, application management.

Director allows the layout personalization both in its aspect and content, to manage devices in totem and to group kiosks in distribution groups.

In particular, it is possible:

  • To manage kiosks in network
  • To see screenshot of totem interface at any defined time range
  • To collect machine statistic of use
  • To manage and publish media contents (picture and video galleries) and informations (browse documents, links, maps…)
  • To configure personalized applications for the customers

iFeel range has been designed to be easily customizable.

All products can be equipped by dedicated applications already integrated with the company information system.

An additional external column, available for each model, can be attached to allow the maximum expandability and to host a greater number of devices and applications.

The available models are: iFeel Basic, iFeel Service, iFeel Ready, iFeel Smart, iFeel Storm