Biller Manager

Biller Manager is an applicative suite for the management of all controls and activities concerning business phone costs of a company: phone lines, sim, active and passive fees, accessories, invoices report.

Through an easy and intuitive web interface, Biller Manager manages all telephone costs of the company:

  • Of different operators
  • Of mobile and fixed telephony
  • Maintenance of events for a sim charged to the customer
  • The multimedia analysis of collected data
  • Export of data in different standard formats and a system of researches for setting up the collected data.
  • Reports

All functionalities are available on web pages and usable through an easy browser, without any client installation. The whole application is integrated with a mechanism of profiling that it is possible to set up and that allows to access only functionalities correspondent to one’s office.
All management consoles are able to execute insertions, changes and cancellations on data under their proficiency.
Through web interface it is possible to create customized reports and to export them on Excel sheets.
The system permits to save the structure and later to carry out a new analysis.

The system has the exact management of the following aspects available:

  • Cost centres
  • Hierarchic structure on more levels
  • Users roles (Administrator, supervisor, user)
  • Fees list (comprehensive of accessories)
  • Comparison with invoices of the telephone provider


  • Data report of SIM assignation
  • Application of taxes, fees and discount for calculation of net traffic.
  • Export of text file.
  • Alert on SIM anomalies (new insertions, absence of traffic, anomalous traffic).